Welcome to Munegow Classified’s Help & Support Center

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and tips on how to sell & buy items fast and safely.

Please keep in mind

  • You can't create multiple listings for a single item
  • You can't list the same listing across several geographic areas
  • Listings must only be related to physical items or services. Actual ads like marketing services are not allowed
  • Phone contacts, emails and prices are not allowed in the “Title" and “Description" fields.
  • You can edit, delete or insert a new listing.
  • Listings that do not comply with our Rules, Support or Policy or that are not in compliance will local laws won’t be approved.
  • If you are not sure that your listing complies with our terms & conditions, please contact our customer support at 678 06 08 84.

Posting rules

If a listing is not approved due to policy breach, you will be offered to create a new version of the listing. Mungenow Classified bears full rights to approve or decline any listing. The Posting Rules may be amended at any time and it is the user’s responsibility to make sure that it is complying with the latest updates concerning our Rules.

Listing Title

Listing title must briefly describe the item or service being offered. It shouldn’t contain phone number, email addresses or any of the following items:

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Price
  • Urgent
  • I sell, For Sell, Sales, Offer(s)
  • Demand, asking
  • Any link (URL path)
  • Date
  • Company name
  • Social Media link

« Demand » or « Looking For » listings will be approved exclusively in the Jobs & Services Category (for instance : « Looking For a Cook »). Mungenow Classified bears full rights to amend listings’ titles for them to comply with our policies. Minimum Standards to comply with for titles in the following categories: Vehicles: Mark + Brand + Year (example : Toyota Rav 4 Mod 2000), Phones & Accessories: Brand + 1 single feature (example: Infinix Hot 4 16 Go).

Listing Details:

The item or service must be described in the listing text. It is forbidden to edit the listing details with a link pointing toward another page. Content shouldn’t be pasted from another listing, as it will be considered duplicate content. Please make sure to include enough information in the listing details section (brand, product, new or refurbished, etc.) : your listing will be more successful.Phone contacts, emails and prices are not allowed in the “Title" and “Description" fields. Please use the appropriate fields.


Mungenow Classified accepts exclusively listings in English or in French.


All listings must have at least one picture (except Jobs & Services category), with no watermark. Picture must clearly describe the item or service being offered.


The listing must be created in the most suitable category. If the publisher fails to do so, Mungenow Classified bears full rights to shift the category. If you want to offer several items at once, please create several listings (one listing for each item), in each relevant category.

One single car per listing:

It is not allowed to list more than one car per listing.

Unique Listings:

It is not allowed to list multiple items in the same listing. If you want to offer several items at once, please create several listings (except for series, shoes, or cutlery for instance)


Listing details shouldn’t include any link.


Duplicate ads are prohibited: You can not post an ad with the same content as another ad already active on the site. Delete the old ad, wait 30 minutes, and post your new ad. Similarly, it is forbidden to publish ads for the same article, service or job under different categories or in different regions. If you want to put your ad at the top of the page, simply enjoy our “Bump-up" service.


Only ads for sale, rental, employment or service are allowed. The use of an advertisement for pure marketing purposes is prohibited.

Pro/Business Ads:

Advertisements categorized as “Professional" published on Mungenow Classified are reserved for businesses. Mungenow Classified reserves the right to judge the professional nature of an advertisement.


The services offered or sought must comply with the laws in force in Cameroon for each profession.

Pets/Live Stock:

The sale of animals on Mungenow Classified must comply with the legislation in force in Cameroon. Non-compliant pictures will not be accepted.

Pirated and counterfeits goods:

Ads offering articles prohibited for sale by the legislation in force in Cameroon are prohibited. All products and services offered on the site must be real, legally acquired (not stolen) and located in Cameroon.In addition, the following articles and services are strictly prohibited on Mungenow Classified.

  • Weapons: Pistols, knives and swords, explosives, tear gas, US punches, batons, etc.
  • Drugs and other narcotics, Alcohol, tobacco
  • Fireworks and derived products
  • Pharmaceutical product or medical drugs
  • Threatened species according to local and international laws as well as exotic animals and plants
  • Precious stones
  • Human organs
  • Counterfeits goods
  • Illegal or pirated copies of software or audiovisual elements, including memory cards or other storage formats such as DVDs, CDs and books
  • Astrology, Voodoo or Black Magic, tarot
  • Natural products supposed to cure diseases
  • Coupons, vouchers and credit cards
  • Sexually explicit content or services
  • Pyramid sales and job offers from “work at home"
  • Monetary operations – Announcements proposing the exchange of any legal tender
  • Offers to earn money quickly
  • Proposal of meetings, relations, friendships, or requests for donations or help
  • Sale of unlimited internet chips
  • Sale of iCloud-locked iPhones

Imported Vehicles:

Advertisements for vehicles outside Cameroon are prohibited, EXCEPT for advertisements that clearly indicate in the description:

  • Where is currently the vehicle?
  • Who handles the customs clearance?
  • Cash on delivery or down payment required?

Injurious content:

Ads or pics that may be perceived as an insult to individuals, ethnic groups or personalities are prohibited.

Unrealistic offers:

Unrealistic offers are not allowed. Mungenow Classified reserves the right to define what is unrealistic.

What is Mungenowclassified.com?

Mungenowclassified.com is a free classified ads website where you can buy and sell almost anything in your city. It only takes less 2 minutes to post an ad and it’s 100% free!

Types Of Ads

Mungenow Classified offers you many different types of ads which you can select during ad posting or reposting. It is not possible to switch between different ad types while it is live. Some available types are:

  1. Sell
  2. Auction
  3. Buy
  4. Exchange
  5. Gift
  6. Rent 
  7. Job – Offer
  8. Job – Wanted

How Do I Post an Ad?

Post your ad by clicking on the button Submit Ad. Login to your account or create one if you don’t have one. Fill in the information concerning your ad, upload pictures and click on Save Ad.

How Can I Find an Item on Mungenowclassified.com?

It is easy to go to mungenowclassified.com: select your city and start looking for items now!

How Auctions Work?

In order to participate in any auction first you need to register an account. Once you have an account visit any auction and in the sidebar you will notice bidding box.

Bellow input for bid value you will see what is the minimum value you must place. Once the auction is finished and if you've won it you will receive confirmation mail.

List of all auctions in which you are or have been participated in is displayed on your profile under Auctions.

How To Promote Submitted Ad?

In order to promote your ads first you must navigate to your submitted ads and from the action menu select last option. It will open modal with list of all available promotions on market as well as your currently active promotions for the particular ad.

List of available promotions are:

  1. Bump Up Ad ( this will update creation date while expire time remains and can be used only once per ad )
  2. Highlight Ad ( this will make your ad stand out from others in listing )
  3. Top Ad(Featured Ad) ( make your add in the first XX positions of listing as well as in it's regular listing position )
  4. Urgent Ad ( display urgent ribbon on ad box )

With an exception of Bump Up promotion all of them can have multiple packages available.

Once you have selected promotion type and period you can proceed to payment screen. Once the payment is cleared your promotion will be active. Promotion starts from the time when payment is cleared and not from time the promotion is requested.

How Can I Contact Seller?

In order to retrieve phone number of the seller go to it's profile page or any of his ads and you will notice block with phone number.

If you wish to start messaging conversation with the seller first create an account. Once you have created your account navigate to any of his ads and you will notice button for sending message. List of your messages is available on your profile. There you have a messaging system where you will be able to continue conversations.

How and Why Should I Delete My Ad?

You can delete your ad when you have sold your item or decided it is no longer for sale. To do so, please access your ad and click on the Delete post button. 

How Long Will My Ad Appear on the Website?

Your ad will be visible for a period of 30 days on the website. If you sell your item before the expiration date, please delete your ad. If not, you will be able to reactivate your ad after it expires.

How Review System Works?

There are two types of reviews – buyer and seller. First step is to register on our marketplace. Next you need to send a message to a seller. Once the seller responds to your message you will be able to review seller and in the same time seller will be able to review you.

When users visit your profile they will be able to see your overall review , complete list of your reviews and to filter them by type.

Once you post review it can not be changed. Also seller and you have option to respond to review.

What Are Featured Ads?

If you have found some ad which you want to visit later or contact seller later, etc. you can mark it as Favorite and it will be save to the list of your favorite ads which you can access from your profile dashboard.

How Can I Share My Ad on Social Media?

You can share you ad on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media. Go to your ad page and click on the icon of the social media you want to share it on. Otherwise just copy and paste the link of your ad on the website of your choice.

How Do I Register an Account?

If you register on Mungenowclassified.com, your own personal account will be created. Your account will help you manage all your ads using one interface and one single password. You can then edit, delete and manage all your ads easily.

Why did my ad disappear? How long does my ad stay on the website?

Please note that your ad will stay on the site until you delete it, or until it expires. The length that a listing stays on the website before it expires may vary. Currently, however, below is a list of the minimum amount of time an ad stays on the site per ad type:

  • Sell: 30 days
  • Buy: 30 days
  • Rent: 30 days
  • Auction: 10 days
  • Exchange: 30 days
  • Job-Offer: 30 days
  • Job-Wanted: 30 days
  • Gift: 30 days

How To Report Ad?

If you feel that the ad  is breaking some rules, you can report it directly from ad page by clicking on the Report button and writing detail reason. Ad will remain active until administrator checks it out.

Safety Tips

Tips to stay safe while buying on Mungenowclassified.com

  • Meet the seller in a public place that you are familiar with
  • Don’t pay for anything before checking the quality of the product you are buying
  • Avoid sending money in advance or use any platform like Western Union, MoneyGram…
  • Beware of unrealistically low prices
  • Do not give personal information (bank details, credit/debit card number)

Tips to stay safe while selling on Mungenowclassified.com

  • Always ask a phone number to the buyers who contact you by email and check that it is valid
  • Avoid anyone who wants to pay via money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram or any other unsafe wire transfer
  • Beware of buyers located abroad, Mungenowclassified.com is a 100% local website
  • Do not send your item to a buyer before he/she has fully paid for it

Tips to spot a fraudster

Pay extra attention when:

  • The name of the seller or the store is a foreign name
  • The phone number does not seem to be local
  • The description contains Skype details, prices in foreign currency ($ or € for example)
  • The price is too precise. Scammers tend to convert a dollar price to local currency which gives very detailed prices

Each ad is validated manually by our Content team to ensure that you sell & buy safely on Mungenowclassified.com. If you feel like an ad is a scam, please contact us via the “Report post" button. If you feel that a buyer could be a scammer, please contact us immediately via the email address abuse@mungenowclassified.com or via the Contact us form.

 How to sell fast on Mungenowclassified.com

1. Choose the right price

To choose the right price for your item, you can browse similar ads on our website. The more competitive your price is, the faster you will sell your item.

2. Write a detailed description

A detail description of your item will make it easier for the buyer to understand what you are selling. Make sure to keep the title short and clear.

3. An ad with pictures gets 7 times more views!

Add to your description one or several real pictures of your item using different angles and good lightening. You will sell your item seven times faster!