Name PVC(UPVC) window and door

Dimensions Available in various colors, sizes, shapes and   designs                                                     customized   According to the client’s specific requirement.

Material Profile information Material: UPVC

Brand: CONCH,ShiDe or any other profile brand (according   customer’s requirements)

Series: 60mm, 65mm,80mm,88mm,95mm for PVC window.

60mm, 88mm, 95mm for PVC   door

Profile Wall thickness: 1.8mm~2.5mm

Color: Any color for your choice

Glass   option Hollow glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, Low-E   glass, floated glass, reflective glass

single glazing /double glazing /triple glazing

Single : 5mm

Double: 5mm+6A+5mm

Any other glass thickness according to customer’s   requirements.

Hardware Handle, lock, sealing strip, friction hinge,etc.

High quantity made in China/ Germany

Customers’ stipulated brands   are available.