Translating user manuals, instructions leaflets, internal notes, medical translation, financial reports, and minutes of proceedings, administrative terms in general, and so forth at very affordable prices

We put at your service Passionate and motivated translators with specific linguistic education, Rich and accurate Vocabulary and who keep on learning new words and expression.

Professional translation services providers at MCTS have been providing translation services for a long time now. We already have robust team of highly qualified and experienced translation experts who have been translating for a wide range of companies dealing with a variety of products and services, and originating from many different countries and languages. We have already worked on translating the following:

  • Advertising Copy Translation
  • Newspaper Ad Translation
  • Promotional Literature Translation
  • Direct Marketing Translation
  • Packaging Translation
  • Press Release Translation
  • Leaflet Translation
  • Banner Translation
  • Brochure Translation
  • Newsletter Translation
  • Catalog Translation
  • Hoarding Translation
  • Blog Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Scientific Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Juridical Translation

MCTS believes in maintaining the highest quality of services. We learn from every translation job that comes to us, and apply the knowledge gained in subsequent translations. We make sure that every translation done at MCTS maintains its original spirit and intent. Going by our client feedback we have been consistently successful in achieving that.

You can avail of our translation services at any time and from anywhere in the world. Moreover, we offer high quality translations for very low rates. You can get to know our rates and services better by asking for a free instant translation quote. If you have any questions or requests please contact us through the following number +237 674953656