BeautyCareByKP: A Cutting-edge skincare line for different shades of the black male skin.

For a long time skincare and grooming has been considered a thing for ladies. This made it in such a way that the range of products that were available to cater to the skin care needs of men where quite few and difficult to come by. There has been a recent trend with cosmetic and skincare brands attempting to catch with growing demands for men skincare products. They are thus coming up with products aimed at meeting the growing needs—from anti aging, to patched skin solutions and sensitive skin products, the market is limitless. However, Africa/Cameroon has been lagging behind. For several reasons. The first difficulty was finding appropriate, tested, organic products that would cater to the different shades of African men without completely causing adverse alterations and irritations. Second, available products do not provide a complete instructional guide to the use of male skin care products to ensure efficient usage by customers.

But there’s new hope.

Kelly Price’s BeautyCarebyKP is a timely solution. Through its cutting-edge product line (for males and females), it is changing narratives so much so that it has quickly become the go-to brand for organic skin grooming for all sexes. With solid, long lasting and efficient results recorded this far, the products are a non-threatening way of evening out the skin, giving it suppleness, moisturizing texture and radiant glow. Even better, it solves the dilemma of taking care of the various shades of the black body—dark, brown, and light skins. Made from natural agents, this brand, which is dermatologically tested and approved is easily the staple for Cameroonian males and females in terms of skin health and grooming.It works perfectly for men by hydrating and repairing skin, provide moisturising, eliminate dirt and grime while protecting the skin. Its natural and soothing ingredients are ideal for those with sensitive skin. The package comes with dermatological advise for usage for everyone.